Our dedicated skin care specialists can work with you to keep skin healthy.

Skin Rejuvenation

A completely flawless complexion and smooth skin is absolutely attainable, even though aging, heredity factors, skin disorders and exposure to the sun all contribute to various skin irregularities. Common skin concerns are acne, freckles, dry skin, static or dynamic wrinkles, sunspots, visible blood vessels, sagging skin, cellulite, and much more. However, all of these things are reversible. In order to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful, it is necessary to take care of it with a consistent skin care regimen. Depending on your specific skin needs, our skin rejuvenation specialists will work with you to create a customized skincare program best suited to your specific skin. When creating a regimen, we consider your age, skin type, sun exposure, ethnicity, and overall health. We specialize in helping each individual find which specific treatment or group of treatments will lead to the youngest looking skin.

As the premiere nonsurgical medical spa in the Lakeland Florida, True MD offers its clients both the luxury of a traditional spa and the medical value of an advanced clinic.

True MD combines the experienced medical value of an advanced clinic with the comforting feel of a traditional spa to give you the best experience possible. At True MD, we will combine a number of effective non-surgical treatments in order to help you achieve great looking skin. Our proven treatments can effectively address any of your skin concerns. Proven skin rejuvenation treatments include skin peels, skin tightening, acne and rosacea reduction, microdermabrasion and laser skin rejuvenation. Our treatments are carried out by experienced professionals in a plush spa environment; allowing you to relax while we pamper your skin. We guarantee you lasting results that you will love.

If you have concerns with your skin, remember that a flawless complexion is only an appointment away. Call us today for a free consultation to explore all of the ways you can get the skin you always wanted and be on track to a more beautiful you.

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