Laser treatment can restore collagen to produce younger looking skin.

Full Field Resurfacing

Full field resurfacing is a type of laser treatment that removes 100% of the outer surface area of the skin. Why would anyone want to undergo a laser resurfacing treatment? As we age, our skin begins to show the effects of years of exposure to the sun and environmental pollutants in the form of skin discoloration and wrinkles. Full field resurfacing laser treatment can help reduce and in some cases even eliminate these signs of aging. It also helps eliminate acne scars.


During this treatment, a computer-controlled device first scans the area to be treated. After it has scanned the area, it delivers a laser beam that is focused on that particular area. There are in fact two types of laser resurfacing – fractional resurfacing and full field resurfacing. In the fractional version, only a portion of the outer layer of skin is removed and the remaining portion is left untouched. In full field resurfacing, the entire surface area of skin is treated.

The laser beam is scanned across the area to be treated and a layer of skin is removed with much precision. The intensity of the light and the depth to which it reaches can both be controlled by the surgeon. In time, the old damaged skin that is removed by the resurfacing is replaced by a fresh, young, healthy layer.

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