The Volbella® treatment improves the appearance of perioral lines, otherwise known as, “smoker’s lines”, for a rejuvenated appearance around the mouth area. Recommended for those seeking a product with a smooth, soft consistency that can diminish vertical lip lines, accentuate the border around the lips, plump the lips to make them look fuller, and enhance the cupid’s bow– all in one comfortable treatment.


Developed using Vycross Technology, Volbella®with lidocaine is formulated with an innovative combination of low and high molecular weight technology. This improves the cross-linking efficiency of the hyaluronic acid chains. This more effective cross-linking allows for a lower concentration of hyaluronic acid to be used, which results in several benefits for the patient. It provides for an ultra-smooth gel, which results in a natural look and feel, as well as improved duration. Results are commonly seen to last up to twelve months. This unique technology also allows the product to absorb less water, resulting in considerably reduced swelling compared to more traditional fillers. Not only is there less downtime, but the treatment is also virtually painless because of the built-in lidocaine anaesthetic.


Each treatment takes about ten to twenty minutes. During the treatment, one of our trained rejuvenation physicians injects the appropriate amount of Volbella® into specific areas around your lips, using multiple injections to give you the best, personalized result. Depending on the case and your desired results, Volbella® can be used to treat lost lip volume. It can also define lip contour and treat the corners of the mouth that turn down to make you look like you’re sad. Volbella® also smooths smoker’s lines and plumps up marionette lines. No anesthesia is required for this procedure, but topical anesthetic or a cold pack are available to reduce any discomfort at your request.


The effects of Volbella® will be visible over a period of one to two weeks. Results give you a smoothed mouth area, leaving you feeling younger and rejuvenated. There is virtually no swelling or bruising after treatment so normal activities can be resumed almost immediately after a Volbella® treatment.

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