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Every woman would love to have long, lush eyelashes, but unfortunately many of us are not too happy with our eyelashes, either because they are too short or too scanty. Fortunately, there is good news on the horizon for all those who seek longer lashes, and this comes in the form of an innovative product called Latisse®.

Latisse® is an ophthalmic solution that helps boost the length, thickness, and darkness of the lashes by increasing the duration of the anagen or growth phase of the eyelash hair cycle while simultaneously boosting the number of hairs during this growth phase.


Patients use one drop per day on the base of the upper eyelid.


Research conducted on the Latisse® treatment indicates that the percentage of hairs increase so that there is visible eyelash growth, so you have visibly longer and darker lashes. While individual results can vary, most people will see a remarkable improvement after about four weeks of the treatment and many will experience the full results in about 16 weeks. To maintain effect, continued treatment with Latisse® is required. If use of Latisse® is discontinued, eyelashes will gradually return to where they were prior to treatment over a period of weeks to months (average eyelash hair cycle).

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