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Precision MD

Precision MD Products For Radiant Skin

While the sun is an excellent source of the Vitamin D that our body requires, overexposure to the sun can cause tremendous sun damage especially to the facial skin. Undoing the damage is not very easy but with the help of a specialist, it is possible to restore of the vitality of your skin and return it to its former youthfulness.  

At True MD, we carry the entire line of Precision MD advanced skin care products that target these problem areas effectively and help you regain your confidence. Every person’s skin is different and our customized approach ensures that your skin is treated that way.

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Here are some of the common skin afflictions and how Precision MD products can help:

Sun Damage

Damage caused by exposure to the sun results in uneven skin, collagen degradation, wrinkles and fine lines. It is important to use a broad spectrum sunscreen right round the year to counter the effects of aging as pollution, stress and the sun can play havoc with the skin by affecting the elasticity of the skin and its collagen production.

Celfix MD is a non-greasy Precision formulation that helps improve the cellular network of the skin and reverses skin damage that has been caused by the sun. This formula can be used under your makeup and any other skin care products that you might be using.

Skin Pigmentation

This is another common skin issue faced by many people. It affects the production of melanin and causes hyperpigmentation and dark spots to appear on the sin. Acne scars and hormonal changes can also be the cause of pigmentation and wrinkles and dull-looking skin can be an additional problem.

Fifteen minute, in-house Dermacuetic treatments suit all skin types and have to be followed up with Precision home care systems for a period of one month and are known to provide excellent results.

Facial Redness

Facial redness is a common skin condition that affects both men and women alike. The redness could be caused due to pustules that are very similar to acne, flushing and blotchiness. In some cases the skin’s underlying damaged blood vessels could be the cause of the redness as well.

The MD DermaChromatic Anti Redness Skin Tone Enhancer is a revolutionary product that uses the unique Phytochromatic CHLCu complex that helps in a 50% reduction in redness. There is no direct cure of this condition but regular use of topical solutions can bring it under control.

Under-Eye Treatment

The skin surrounding the eye is very delicate and more prone to damage than any part of your face. The smoothness of your skin is attributed to a protein named elastin. The onset of adolescence sees a complete stop in the production of this protein, resulting in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.

Regular under-eye creams do not help in addressing the issue but The Zinc firming complex in the Relastin Eye Silk precision product that True MD offers, treats your under-eye skin in a gentle manner and adds elasticity and reverses symptoms like loss of firmness.

Apart from this, there are other precision products that help in keeping the signs of aging skin at bay. Regular use products help to cleanse, moisturize and nourish your skin- after all your facial skin plays a very important part in the way you feel about yourself.

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