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Glycolic Peels

The Benefits Of Glycolic Peels On Your Skin

There are times in everyone’s life when they wish they could turn back the hands of time and restore their skin to what it looked and felt like in their youth. Whether it is the signs of aging that they want to erase or to remove the scarring that teenage acne has left behind, thousands of people opt to undergo multiple cosmetic treatments during their lifetime in hopes of restoring their skin to a healthier state. One of the most popular treatments of late have been glycolic peels, a chemical peeling skin treatment that has been proven to be a gentler solution than more aggressive methods such as dermabrasion.

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Glycolic Peels

Who is a Good Candidate for a Glycolic Acid Peel?

The biggest advantage that glycolic peels have over other kinds of acid peels is that it is one of the few chemical peels that can be used on a wide variety of skin types. Because of this, it can be used for more than just the typical acne treatment, making it one of the most versatile and most effective cosmetic treatments available from dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons today.

For acne sufferers, this means that it can help fade acne scars or keep new outbreaks from occurring, balance extremely oily skin, reduce enlarged pores or uneven pigmentation marks. Older patients looking to get a clear, even and youthful appearance through this chemical peel will be able to clear up age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

What is Glycolic Acid?

Glycolic acid is a member of the alpha-hydroxy acid group, normally used in most cosmetic chemical peels. All of these acids, including lactic acid and citric acid, can be found in some form to be naturally occurring in nature and will often be synthesized directly from their source. In the case of glycolic acid, it can be found in some fruits, like pineapple and grapes, as well as in sugar cane.

When it is used as a cosmetic treatment, the acid is balanced with baking soda and water to form the peeling agent. Glycolic acid peels have been found to be wholly effective at a variety of intensities, depending on what is needed to be done to the skin. The higher percentage of acid added, the stronger the solution, the further it penetrates the multiple layers of skin. This is why it should only be done by professionals.

Visible Effects

Glycolic peels are also the fastest acting skin treatments available, and are often done on an outpatient basis. The effects can last up to a month and have been known to smooth out rough skin, slow down the aging process, restore the texture of skin damaged by the sun and regulate the balance of oily to dry skin in acne sufferers.

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