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Laser Hair Removal Treatments

What You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatments have been around for some time and are growing in popularity every year. Women, and men, are taking advantage of the latest innovations in technology in order to have all excess hair removed, with some truly amazing results in effectiveness and recovery. Two of the most popular treatments today are the Sciton Laser Clear Scan and the BBL Hair Removal process.

Want to know more about the latest in laser hair removal technology? All of us here at True MD want you looking your best, so call us today for an immediate consultation.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Sciton Laser Clear Scan

The Sciton Laser Clear Scan hair removal treatment differs from other laser hair removal treatments in that it uses a longer wavelength in the laser, making it a much more gentler treatment for removing facial hair. This can be accomplished by firing the laser through a chilling plate, made out of sapphire, which reduces the amount of heat actually reaching the skin and removing that uncomfortable prickly feeling that most patients experienced with older treatments.

Another advantage to using the Sciton treatment is that in this system, the laser is no longer controlled manually by the operator. Instead, a scanning system is in place that takes into account the thickness of the hair and releases the laser in pulses calculated to exactly remove the hair, inch by inch. Since it is completely in the computer’s control, there is also less pain, because the computer programming allows for pauses between pulses, so that no part of the skin is harmed by the laser, a cooling down period of sorts.

The BBL Hair Removal System

The BBL hair removal system differs from the Sciton laser in that it uses multiple wavelengths of light, transmitted in broadband light form through the laser. This method allows for more than just hair removal with this system, and it is often used for skin rejuvenation, skin resurfacing, as well as treating and changing the appearance of acne scars. With its broad spectrum light, the BBL is able to target hair at its root, where concentrations of pigments like melanin are present.

The melanin deposits at the root will attract and retain the light once it hits, trapping its energy until it converts to heat to destroy the hair from the root, up. Unfortunately, because the system relies on using the melanin to do its work for it, it is only truly effective on lighter skin patients. Patients with darker skin tones have a higher degree of melanin pigment in their skin, and while it would be effective, they run a risk of their skin overheating with this treatment.


Everyone is a viable candidate for the Sciton Laser hair removal system. If you have a darker skin tone, we recommend using the Sciton for hair removal, but for skin resurfacing or scar treatments, the BBL will work wonders for your skin type.

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