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Broadband Light Therapy

Why Use Broadband Light Therapy To Treat Your Skin?

Broadband Light TherapyThe one thing that is as constant as time is the fact that our skin will change as we age. Spots, wrinkles and other age-related changes can make anyone want to reverse time and try anything to make their skin look younger than it really is. One method that is effective to do just that is broadband light therapy, also known as BBL Light Therapy. It can be effective in stimulating new skin cell growth, and not just for aging skin, but for a host of other conditions, like psoriasis and acne. There is no safer method using ultraviolet light than this for repairing damaged skin.

Want to know more about broadband light therapy and how it can make you look years younger? All of us here at True MD want you looking your best, so call us today so that we can determine whether this is a good treatment option for your skin.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Because it is so safe to use, broadband light therapy has been used for the purposes of skin rejuvenation for a variety of reasons. As we mentioned, it has been used in skin treatments to reverse the signs of skin aging but it has also been proven effective to reverse signs of sun damage, as well as reducing the effects of psoriasis and acne upon the skin. Anyone wishing to have a more youthful appearance to their skin can safely use this type of therapy.

How Does It Work?

By harnessing the same rays that are present in sunlight, ultraviolet rays, at a lower level through a broadband focus, the energy and heat from the beam will stimulate the production of collagen and other proteins beneath the surface of the skin. Once stimulated, your body will work hard to produce new skin cells to replace the aged or damaged cells in the targeted area of your skin the beam was used on.

One benefit of this kind of treatment is that it is not limited to just your face. Any area of skin can be treated successfully and have younger, newer skin appear in that area, just by having a few treatments done a week, over time. For cases of psoriasis and acne treatment, this can make a huge difference in the appearance of the skin.

After Treatment Care

This is not an immediate solution. This treatment can take some time before noticeable effects can be seen and in the meantime, there are some things that you will need to do to protect your skin. Broadband light therapy is safe because the ultraviolet light is focused in a manner that will not cause damage but it will make your skin more susceptible to the sun’s rays. After treatment, you must wear sun block solutions to protect it, whenever you go outside.

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